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'I take immense pride in the photographic component of my two guidebooks. Inspired by the ground-breaking pioneers of Scottish landscape photography: Colin Prior and Colin Baxter, and the fabulous, focused artistry of Craig Aitchison, I have spent countless hours attempting to capture the fleeting moments of golden refracted light with which Scotland is blessed.

Bothies became an obsession as I progressed towards the publication of The Scottish Bothy Bible, and for a long time no photograph seemed complete without one of these unique open sanctuaries in the frame! The second book, Scottish Bothy Walks, delivers all new photography, including many more landscape shots to illustrate the walks themselves.


I have held two exhibitions of my work, including a permanent collection at the Edinburgh office of the Business Growth Fund. Among my future projects, I am collaborating on the photographic content for two coffee-table books, as well as researching new walking guides in both Scotland and Ireland. I welcome landscape commissions and am happy to consult on any picture book ideas'.

Geoff Allan Feb 2021

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Photo gallery

Exhibition Dundee Mountain Film Festival

Exhibition at the Dundee Mountain Film Festival in Nov 2017

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Photo gallery


Photo Credit - Simon Green

Permanent exhibition at the Edinburgh office of the Business Growth Fund

Bothy Panoramas

Bothy panoramas

Scottish Landscapes

Photo Credit -Janet Christie


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Photo Credit -Janet Christie

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