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Dundee Mountain Film Festival 2017

Award-winning author and photographer Geoff Allan, displays images from his best-selling guide, The Scottish Bothy Bible, here at the Dundee Mountain Film Festival for the first time. A bothy regular since his student days, he fulfilled the ambitious task of photographing all the bothies which appear in the book over a five year period of passionate perseverance, the vast majority of the travel undertaken on his trusty bike and public transport. During this time he captured his beloved bothies in all their glory over the changing seasons, chasing weather windows and brief moments of light and mood that are such a defining feature of Scotland's majestic Highland wilderness. Geoff has printed 12 of his favourite photographs, each taken in the month they appear, January through to December.


A heart-felt thank you to the Mountain Bothy Association (MBA) for their support, and also to the dedicated volunteers who help maintain Scotland's unique network of open shelters, which are such a remarkable feature of the country's outdoor culture.




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