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Shenavall Bothy with Rainbow

Shenavall Bothy with Rainbow

LOCATION LAT/LONG 57.7768, -5.2541, NH 066 810, LR Map 19

Shenavall derives from the Gaelic seann bhaile meaning old town, and possibly refers to an earlier township in the glen Strath na Sealga before the Clearances. Constructed in 1891, the cottage’s first occupant was Colin Macdonald, a stalker and shepherd on the Dundonnell estate. According to a 1990 account, the family were virtually self-sufficient: they grew their own vegetables, fished the loch, took venison from the hill, and kept 4 cows. Twice-yearly they bought supplies of meal, paraffin, sugar and tea. They also tended a flock of sheep for the estate, in partnership with 4 other families who lived in the glen.

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