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Glenpean Bothy

Glenpean Bothy

LOCATION LAT/LONG 56.9579, -5.3957, NM 936 903, LR Map 33/40

Looking west from the bothy door at Glenpean through the interlocking ridges of the upper valley to the peak of An Stac at the head of Loch Morar, and S across the river to the towering peaks of the Corryhully Horseshoe, it seems remarkable that the view has been so easily earned. The cottage is only 3 miles along newly enlarged forestry access track from the end of the road that winds round Loch Arkaig to Strathan. History weighs deeply in the valley, going back to the time of the Viking settlers. Glenpean is from the Gaelic Gleann a’ Pheiginn. A peighinn or pennyland was a measure of land in the Norse system, and 20 pennylands, each with their own individual farm, made up an ‘ounce land’ – an acreage capable of producing an ounce of silver in rent.


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