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Glengarrisdale Bothy, Jura

Glengarrisdale Bothy, Jura

LOCATION LAT/LONG 56.1069, -5.7902, NR 664 968, LR Map 61

Sheltered in the secluded bay from which it takes its name, Glengarrisdale lies on the far NW coast of Jura, a magnetic location with views out to Mull, Scarba and the Garvellachs. With its distinctive red roof and whitewashed walls, the bothy is a cheering sight after the challenging walk in. Although now a very remote outpost, this valley once supported a large community and was the site of An Aros, stronghold of the Macleans, a clan loyal to Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Stuarts. Maclean’s Skull, possibly a relic of a battle between the Macleans and the Campbells, once lay in a cave here but was spirited away in 1976.

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