The Scottish Bothy Bible

The Scottish Bothy Bible

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The Scottish Bothy Bible is the first complete guide to Scotland’s bothies. The perfect resource for any bothy fan, and ideal for anyone happily transported to hidden corners of the country from the comfort of their armchair. A prized, signed copy of this awarding-winning book is only available here. Winner of the Travel Media Awards Guidebook of the Year 2017

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    Fancy staying the night for free with a roof over your head, in some of the most amazing places in Scotland, needing little more than the stuff you would take camping, with no need to book, and no wardens to bother you? Welcome to the wonderful world of bothies. These open shelters, varying in size from little more than a garden shed, to a former youth hostel housed in a three-bedroom cottage, are dotted all over Scotland, and available for anyone to use. All you need is the motivation to get there. This is all thanks to a voluntary organisation called the Mountain Bothies Association (MBA), which maintains a network of these special places, making sure that they are always wind-proofed and water-tight, and keeping them spick and span. Bothies are found in some fantastic, out-of-the-way locations, but many of them are surprisingly close to a road, making them easy to visit even if you are not planning to stay the night, and perfect as a lunch spot when on a wander in the hills.


    Geoff Allan has hiked and biked to every popular Scottish bothy, and is the perfect companion to help you explore these hidden treasures that are a remarkable feature of Scotland's outdoor culture. An authoritative, impeccably researched reference book, packed with information on each bothy, including fascinating historical details as well as local attractions and activities. 


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